At Z-star Motion we Care, are Versatile and not afraid to be Different.

Our vision is adventurous and creative, enhanced by our rich cultural backgrounds. Let Us Inspire you.

Select Your Learning Style
Your Level doesn't matter

We offer a combination of different methods and techniques for Your best experience. Our Clients can also decide on how would they prefer to learn. This approach will guaranty them to get natural and efficient results.
Therefore, you will get a platform (program) created personally for You.

No Membership Fees
Pay as you Go

Clear and straightforward price plans. Our payment plans are affordable and without extra charges or hidden fees.
Also, we don’t require any Membership plans. This way We offer you an approach which is easy and without hassle.
But We can certainly teach You how to Hustle!

Easily Available
We come to You; Literally

If you can not come to Us, we are willing to come to You.
Request Us at locations that are preferable and convenient for You.
For Your convenience the choices and possibilities are endless.
Z-star Motion does it all.

Practice or Socialise
Individually or in the group

Would You like just to
dance or to practice?
Wish to learn independently or in a group?
Learning single or as a couple?
Do you fancy Dance Studio, rental space or private locations?
For You – ” We have Ace up our sleeve! 

Enjoy Enthusiasm from our Culture
Challenge yourself in a multi-language environment

Learn not only about dance but also about our cultural differences and histories.
Experience our culture and traditions. See how we do and think about the Dance.
In dance, and we can promise You; there is a hidden pearl. (masterpiece)

Move and Shape
For Body and Mind

Use elixir of the Dance
and a set of our versatile methods in pursuit of perfection.
We will shape and re-shape;
not only your body;
but also the way You sense and think about dance.

” It would be Shame not to experience oneself under the influence of rhythm. For once in your lifetime. “



but even more than that, We ENJOY to DANCE it.

Every Dance is born out of Personality and It also gives back to Personality!



Start Your Journey

Creativity is Imagination. It is, visualising the fluid concepts of movements while imagining. Seeing them interconnected through patterns and shapes. Reading their pulses and being able of displaying them. Encourage your perception with inner intuition. START and Discover Yourself and [The Dance]
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Zagi on Floor


Photo & Video Galleries

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舘 ひろし & Zagi


Our Portfolio

Our work pleasure and motivation comes from Our Clients’ demands. We enjoy performing and elaborating on different projects with various artists, Clients, and friends.
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  • 1. Pair Dancing & Couple Learning
    The Power and Passion of Two

    For those who would like to challenge the dancing the old Fred Astaire way. As a couple. Smooth, Elegant and unparalleled with any single way of dancing. Enjoy learning new skills with your partner. Learn and feel the actions needed to perfect the art of Two. Try to Understand the integrity and sincerity of intention and how balanced movements work.

  • 2. Group Classes and Events
    Share the Energy and Joy with others

    If you would like to participate in a group setting and share Fun with other members, then this is the right option for You. You will get a chance to meet new interesting people, while at the same time enjoying your new hobby. Like we say it: Meet, Greet and then Just Dance!

  • 3. Individual & Private Lessons
    Detailed and Focused training and learning

    Super Way to get Our full attention and the best way to learn the finest details. Private lessons are the perfect choice for the more confident and experienced students. Beginners and newcomers can significantly benefit from private lessons, and it is our No.1 recommended way of study.

  • 4. Mentoring Programs
    Our mission to help the future masters

    Does Your motivation suffer? Do you Need some extra help and inspiration? Not to worry, with Us you can get a Mentor who will truly support and guide You.
    ” Non-Sibi, Sed Omnibus “Not for one’s self but all

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